Clenbuterol � A Fat Burner

Clenbuterol � A Fat Burner
Clenbuterol is β2- Sympathomimetic non steroidal compound. It is also a bronchodilator and a decongestant. This is a very interesting compound and was initially used for treating asthma patients for breathing disorders and congestions. Even if it was initially recommended as ephedrine drug its effect was long lasting than other such drugs and was banned in some countries. In the meanwhile,meizitang diet pills for sale, another interesting fact of this drug was discovered. It was that of its anti�catabolic effect. An anti-catabolic agent is one which helps in building up of simpler muscles into complex ones. And the drug seemed to work wonders in humans and was used by most of the athletes to obtain muscle mass and muscular strength.But when we have a further look into its effect, its fat-burning effect is known. Clenbuterol is known to reduce fat without dieting or exercising because of the increase in body temperature when it is taken. But the fact is that nothing works as soon as you swallow a pill. Administering Clenbuterol along with proper diet and exercise will ensure its efficacy. Clenbuterol increases the metabolic activity of the body and therefore increases the heat in the body up to 10%. This heat helps in burning the proteins and fats of the body at a faster rate. Hence, known to be a �Fat Burner�Clenbuterol seemed to gain notoriety when athletes started using it for building their muscle mass and at the same time burn off the excess fat in their body. This drug is unconditionally used among Hollywood celebrities too for losing their weight and to have a skinny look. Celebrities, especially Hollywood women who are under the indirect pressure of looking slim and sexier go for it often. Celebrities who want to flaunt their body beauty go behind such wonder drugs to lose weight in no time. This makes many other women too to crave behind such drugs to lose weight.This clenbuterol weight loss drug dosage differs in women from men. Athletes or men normally take 100-140mcg/day whereas a woman�s intake ranges from 80-100mcg/day. Dosage schedules are also mentioned by different people. But the commonest of them quote that the drug is taken slowly and periodically. Initially one tablet is taken and extended up to 5 per day. Then this maximum limit is continued for 2 weeks. This maximum limit is determined at the level at which an individual experiences tremors or feels restless. And the final declining stage is also reduced slowly from the maximum level to one tablet per day slowly.

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