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What is Acne - Pimples - Zits: The skin has numerous pores in it, sometimes oil's,testimoni meizitang botanical slimming, dirt or other things can cause these pores to become clogged, swollen, and red, this condition is called pimples.What causes Acne in some people: Some folks get plastered with acne as a teen, while others carry some right into adult years, and yet others seem to hardly even get one pimple. Some folks swear that drinking a lot of soda causes outbreaks, while others blame chocolate. These may be more likely skin reactions or allergies to the products, instead of real acne. Because, How can drinking soda or eating chocolate cause ones pores to become clogged and infected ? Some folks say acne is also hereditary, I found out this may not be true also, since I have known parents who had very little acne problems growing up, but their children seemed to be covered with them as teens.My secret discovery that stopped Acne - Pimples - Zits: I want to start right away by saying when I was a child and teen I started getting acne like most of us did. I tried the major brands of medicated pads and creams, they all helped a little but not much. Then I stumbled upon something that made almost all of my pimples go away for good. I stopped using all soaps on my face. Once I stopped using soaps my skin soon cleared up and I was never really plagued by acne again. Of course I would get one once in awhile or a rare boil someplace, but the acne never came back like it had done before. I often wondered how many teens and even adults that are plagued by acne, constantly wash their faces using soap, to clean their pores, not knowing that the soap may be the real cause of the acne. Of course this may not work for everyone, but when I stopped washing my face with soap, my acne stopped. If soap does not appear to be the cause of your acne, there are several products to try, such as: zeno, acnease, accutane, stridex, zenmed, triclear,testimoni meizitang botanical slimming, tetrasil, astara,testimoni meizitang botanical slimming, phytome,testimoni meizitang botanical slimming, neutrogena, biore, phisoderm, and others.Should you Pop Acne - Pimples - Zits: Everyone is different when it comes to this. I myself have popped the occasional ones I get, and when I did it always seemed to make them go away much faster then letting them do it themselves, and I have never had a scar form from doing so. But this is up to each of you, if you want to pop then pop, if you fear it, then let it alone. I also have had the occasional hard boils on my face over the years, these I have jabbed with the point of a clean needle then squeezed the junk out of them, once I did this they seemed to go away rapidly also.How to make Acne - Pimples - Zits invisible or a lot less visible: First of all let me say I am a guy and not a girl, probably the strangest thing in my medicine cabinet is a small body of womans cover-up cream. I use it for hiding any rare pimples, boils, red skin areas or bites I may get on my face or forehead area. If you have fair colored skin, like I do, then you know how much a red sore or pimple stands out, it's almost like a flashing neon sign saying 'look at me!'. I found out when I was married, that a little dab of cover-up cream rubbed on the pimple or red spot, makes them almost disappear. Now the hard part is, finding a female to buy a bottle of the stuff for you in the store, so you don't feel embarassed if your a man like I am, of course when I was married, I bought worse things at times.There is a website that provides cures, facts and other great information on Acne and numerous medical conditions, the website is called: All About Health, and can be found at this url: http://www.rb59.com/medical-health-infoBy Robert W. BenjaminCopyright © 2007 You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter, or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.
Acne - Pimples - Zits - The simple facts and the cure I discovered

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