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walking exercise before beginning to slow the pace to usual, do not forget to walk about 10 minutes to do five minutes before. . warm-up exercises go straight: Exercise walking along an imaginary straight line, moving along the outside of your feet inside of this line; Cross walk: still take advantage of this imaginary line along the side of the line by moving the cross to exercise feet buttocks; heel walk: walking with your heels,original original botanical slimming gel capsules, toes off the ground

alternating interval walking (burn 500 calories, you need to continue to 75 minutes) .

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after five minutes of warm-up to the speed of 1.5 km walk 12 minutes to finish 4 km, then walk 10 minutes at normal speed, and then to quickly finish 4 km, then normal speed A walking 10 minutes

third week: burn calories

Please implementation together with my three-week training program,original original botanical slimming gel capsules, three weeks after your walking speed of 8 km / h, calories burned per hour is 410 calories, stick to it, just go to lose weight achieve

second week: Interval training

ladder exercise is best done on a runway to you most. fast finish the 200 meters and then slowly decelerate until the heart rate returned to 120 beats / min, and then, to finish with the fastest 400 meters and then gradually slow down until your heart rate returns to normal. Repeat this step to pull away grow up to 600 meters,original original botanical slimming gel capsules, then 800 meters, and then repeat the whole process

first week: Skilled skills

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