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Refused to rebound weight loss book (Figure)

Difficult to lose weight, maintain weight after weight loss do not rebound more difficult

"is life, not just to lose weight" is the motto of many Panyou which not only explains Weight loss is not easy, but keeping the weight does not indicate a rebound difficult. rebound in the end what is it? Simply put, obesity,aveda botanical kinetics, weight loss rebound again after that as long as a persons absorption is greater than consumption, the excess energy will become fat storage , people will gain weight, number and weight of such a mechanism with a way to lose weight has nothing to do

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disrupt the nervous system is relatively stable, lower body immunity

increase the chance of heart disease, weight loss! very sensitive to three days fishing, two days of drying,aveda botanical kinetics, the heart is difficult to adapt to weight fluctuations

rally people to lose weight and lose confidence in themselves. not good people to control their weight is difficult to control the focus of life, emotional fluctuations

Why would bounce

usually there are three reasons for the rebound:?

first one is using the wrong way to lose weight, subtract the water rather than fat, as long as a withdrawal and add moisture, weight will naturally rise again, this phenomenon is taking diarrhea, weight loss products like the crowd is most common, more seriously, not only weight loss results in vain, the body will cause great harm, such as electrolyte disorders.

second is not to achieve weight loss cycle. fat is a memory, it will resist change outside its original form and try to develop some people a little early effect of weight loss that reached their weight loss goal, you stop losing weight, losing weight does not know at this time is a critical period determines the success. usually weight loss products or exercise regimen to lose weight are particular about not reach the required course of treatment, the fat will opportunity to rebound, making weight loss efforts come to naught as a course of three months Qumei month has a different purpose of weight loss, the first month is needed to allow the body to adapt to lose weight (some people may not feel too obvious), The second month is the sprint to lose weight, maintain weight loss the first three months, three months indispensable, do not just leave.

The third is the most common bad habits. think they can lose weight once and for all, overeating, never exercise, consumption of energy absorption does not go out, how could not gain weight?

what people tend to rebound?

fast weight loss

those who want to achieve rapid weight loss in a short time the effectiveness of the approach often used diarrhea, water loss and fat still exists, not only fail to lose weight, but easy to rebound.

starvation diet to lose weight

eating can always lean right, a lot of people to lose weight or even have quit. Keren iron rice is just ah, how can I eat or drink for long-term , enjoy delicious food is not less than that once start drinking again, come to naught.

genetically obese family

innate gene with obesity, although I believe everything becomes possible, but need to pay more than others efforts.

blind not to find out why those who lose weight

There are many types of obesity, such as simple, pathological, etc., only remedy, be possible to achieve a good weight loss, should not blind to lose weight.

how to prevent a rebound?

dieters often more than 80% of people will experience "defeated" the situation, and weight loss products "no bounce" and be misinterpreted as a successful weight loss, the need to do to maintain the effort. fact, the key to maintaining "no bounce" is itself, in the following manner is a good way to maintain weight loss outcomes.

a good lifestyle and diet is to prevent further "re fat" protection.

1 slowly, do not gobble, which not only helps digestion but also conducive to health.

2 eat eight full, no matter how grand banquet attended, no matter how favorite foods, drinks (especially wine), not without limitation.

3 regular meals, small meals, the amount of the day into 4-5 meals, cut hunger and eat uncertain, overeating.

4 eat early, eat lunch, dinner to eat, pay attention to the quality of the breakfast, there must be a protein foods, not eating two hours before bedtime.

5 foods should be diversified, not a partial eclipse., like proteins and carbohydrates as body fat is also an important nutrient, and does not include any fat diet, can make metabolic disorders. advocate bland diet.

6 lot of water in the amount of soup at dinner time will make your stomach feel satisfied. best to drink 6-8 glasses of water (about two liters) per day should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, so you can get more vitamins and minerals, timely compensate for the lack of moisture.

7 cook their own food. best you cook, you can choose a more natural foods such as whole wheat bread and dessert fruit, etc. .

8 increase fiber. daily diet should contain about 20 grams of fiber, so you can absorb 90 fewer calories, fiber-rich foods are fruits, vegetables and some beans., like celery, etc. vegetables can also help treat constipation effect.

9 control appetite. should learn to resist the temptation of delicious dishes. appetite tend to produce in the afternoon, and before bed, this time, you should eat natural cooking low-fat foods, one of the best ways to ease the appetite of sports.

Second, the degree of obesity at 15%, want to maintain body fitness, it is recommended to arrange appropriate exercise every day.

1, to avoid sedentary. certain habits directly affect the body, such as the remote control in hand, sitting on the sofa watching TV for a long time, the body will do so in a completely passive state, does not consume any calories.

but the OL and some people just are sedentary, how to do it?

fine for limbs, weight standards, with the exception more than the waist-hip kind of belly fat specifically focused on people when, in fact, as long as the correct posture, abdomen and chest, can subtract pounds of fat accumulation in the abdomen.

2,aveda botanical kinetics, about womens bodies need at least 1500-2000 calories a day to maintain the normal function of the action. dieter can this objective, the control diet, soon to have a healthy and slim body

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