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Most all watermelon diet easily lost 5 pounds one week
In the hot summer months to ask you what are my favorite fruit, watermelon is certainly doing my part to the popularity of the king in the most pleasant way to lose weight in summer than watermelon diet also myself! May have just heard a lot, specifically how to do that is not know it! Today, Chinese weight loss is necessary to share the most complete network Xiaobian watermelon diet recipes Oh! let you lean 5 pounds a week is absolutely no problem Oh!

slimming sweet watermelon Secret
1, watermelon fat-free, moisture contained no ordinary fruit can match, its more than 94% moisture, to help drain excess water in the body, from the body while eliminating edema toxins, metabolism will naturally become better.
2,botanical slimming soft gels side effects, watermelon low in calories, 100 grams of watermelon is only 31 calories, eat watermelon and reducing the intake of staple food, and of course it will slim down .
3, amino acids contained in watermelon can help drain toxins, digestion of fat. but also encompasses many essential body nutrients, such as vitamins, calcium,botanical slimming soft gels side effects, is a rare nutritional diet food.
1, watermelon tomato juice
Material: watermelon, tomatoes
A press West rang juice pressed out, washed with boiling hot tomato peeled, seeded and chopped, press out the juice and the juice of two uniform, ready to drink
slimming effect: watermelon and tomatoes are a classic diet food, this watermelon tomato juice contains large amounts of dietary fiber, enabling them to become more lightweight MM, also prevent heatstroke
2,botanical slimming soft gels side effects, watermelon tea
Material: black tea, 5 grams, the amount of watermelon
The tea into the cup, brew with hot water, then . Ding can add chopped watermelon
slimming effect: heat and hot weather, accelerate the decomposition of abdominal fat Articles from -

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