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The speed of a direct relationship between eating and obesity

Lion Dental Health Institute of Japan and Tokyo Dental University cooperation, in Tokyo 340 men and women aged 20-60 staff, to investigate the relationship between obesity and eating speed.

25 or more as obese Standard

BMI is body weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared like a personal weight obtained. 60kg, height 1.7m, whose BMI is 20.8

findings: fast food (40% of total) Average BMI23.5

speed is not unpleasant to eat slower (. accounted for 45% of total) Average BMI22.4,meizitang zisu botanical 2 day japan lingzhi slimming.


eat slower (% of total) Average BMI21.6.

followed for nine 20-50 year old men with investigate the relationship between speed and full of a sense of a meal, usually a meal time averaged 17.2 minutes if using a metronome to make chewing to 88 beats per minute, is about dinner time was extended to 33.7 minutes, the tests usual food intake from 693 g reduced to 528 grams. three meals a day, over time,meizitang zisu botanical 2 day japan lingzhi slimming, this difference becomes enormous. According Lion Dental Research Institutes of Health Wu Jing Dian son, whos blood sugar level starts to eat up 15 minutes later, 30 minutes after reaching the peak Because blood glucose peaked full of a sense of giving, about 30 minutes, so chew extend through dinner time, you can make a small amount of food people get full of feeling, to obtain the effect of reducing food intake to prevent obesity.

Professor Yoshiaki Sone Osaka City University confirmed that eating too fast will bring greater mental burden he let seven female students in temperature and humidity constant artificial climate chamber, divided into two groups, respectively, to 5 minutes and 10 minutes to eat time as a result, more than five minutes before eating postprandial increase in heart rate,meizitang zisu botanical 2 day japan lingzhi slimming, while the 10 minutes before a meal after meal is almost no change in the group and he has done the test, the number will be reduced from the usual chewing 325 times to 214 times faster when eating. It was found that when the heart rate is usually increased by 20% compared to eating meals, fast food when the heart rate increased by 49% compared with meals, usually after meals systolic blood pressure increased by 8% compared with meals, systolic blood pressure increased by 13% compared to the fast food meals .

recent Japanese experts put forward the slogan "training chewing force, with chewing creating healthy" and suggested re-chew food before swallowing bite five times. soup, tea and other meals as much as possible in the postprandial drinking, so reducing the number of chewing when eating curry rice, fried noodles and other soft foods add bamboo shoots, chewy meat and other foods

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