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A cup of coffee after a meal to lose weight
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caffeine for weight loss help on the grounds that the diuretic effect, the second reason is the fat-burning effect on the role of burning fat

,. The first is so basic metabolic hyperactivity, so that the heat can be completely metabolized, like sports, like coffee, calories consumed with the role after eating food intake of coffee, caffeine can promote stomach activity, secretion of gastric juice, but once the secretion of gastric juice spleen can promote the secretion of fluid, thereby promoting fat burning.

In addition, caffeine also promote the activities of the central nervous system,botanical slimming dh gate wholesale china, affecting the autonomic nervous system, and therefore have an indirect effect of gastric secretion.

< P> From the foregoing,botanical slimming dh gate wholesale china, the coffee inside the stomach to promote the secretion of gastric motility and has a direct and indirect relationships

develop the habit of drinking coffee after dinner, you can benefit integrated coffee: diuretic, basal metabolism hyperactivity and promote gastric secretion, for weight loss naturally helpful, and so the right amount of coffee to keep the weight stable or lose weight, weight loss can be reached!

want to drink coffee to lose weight people, remember to enjoy the meal, especially after ingestion of fatty foods, youll feel a cup of coffee, will bring a refreshing feeling.

Since coffee will promote gastric secretion, while promoting increased gastric acid ,botanical slimming dh gate wholesale china, so there is gastric ulcer patients in the coffee, to pay more attention, not excessive Moreover, fasting drink coffee is also one of the main stomach hurt

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