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Up until a strange weekend fresh cut 5 pounds

1 students a sulk: stuffiness life fall naturally see what what is conducive to strengthening exercise, burn fat while consumption will let you have the spirit of boredom, I could not get the appetite naturally, reduces food intake. , so no problem, right down to minus pound

Tip: before sulking, proper placement of the family valuables

2 watching a horror film: watch the middle of the night alone, The best midway arrange a friend to help you wind up power, surprised a surprised, cold sweat, trembling, repeated several times,botanical slimming $5 subway subs, sweating consuming physical toxins, increase body shiver swing, watching a movie down minus one pounds

Tip: If you worry about their endurance is limited, advance to prepare for any eventuality wearing of diapers ......

3 day hunger strike: If you are cruel heart, strong enough, or even dripping do not pretend to be positive stick into a Major, will not only hone the character, coupled with no intake, you can also extract a body of water, less catty least it

Tip: To phone carry case Tilibuzhi stumble on the road is good promptly call 120

4 boil an overnight:. Whether clubbing, or the Internet, anyway, when you boil all night looking exhausted The sun rising in the morning, diminished strange

Tip: bezoar pure heart pills,botanical slimming $5 subway subs, acne cream to be ready, because the consequences of endocrine disrupting rest is confusion

5 eat. meal laxative: one day ran a dozen times, pull dizziness weak legs, not the meal to two meals ......

Tip: Do not go to the street,botanical slimming $5 subway subs, it is best sorted out toilet within 10 meters distance, otherwise ......

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