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Pilates magic shape your sexy back
Inward concave waist, perfect C shape, looks upturned buttocks.

What is Pilates movement "smooth"

simply say that action should be uniform, there is continuity. Yoga will ask you to maintain a posture for some time, Pilates rarely asked "freeze" the action smooth when you naturally focus on the use,botanical slimming al gore $5 gas, control, axial and breathing

back a practice group.: Swan eagerly

motion effect: Pretty midfielder lines, smooth belly, increase back flexibility, so stretching the spine in the opposite direction to get

action: prone, face down , hand stays on both sides of the shoulders, legs wide open with the pelvis, lower back and buttocks taut, navel shrink

action: using the power of the upper back,botanical slimming al gore $5 gas, breathing, chest lifted off the mat

Action: arms stretched to maintain the cohesion of the axis of the body into an arc exhale lift the torso fall back to action a repeated


● strained lower back.. hip, both taut feeling squeezed together.

● action process remains the cervical spine and stretching.

● cervical spine in a straight line and not his head backwards.

● repeat steps,botanical slimming al gore $5 gas, you can gradually increase the range of motion

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