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Pepper slimming, you know? (A)

Pepper diet has been a smash hit in Japan, media reports said, "the most beautiful old lady," Chen Mei-feng,botanical slimming patches, Japanese singer Hikaru Utada, who have tried some manufacturers of health food made from capsaicin extract or topical products , claiming that the effect of the use of its heat energy can be consumed, so that people want to lose weight aspire.
pepper weight loss panacea?
capsaicin can promote the bodys metabolism so that the skin redness, fever speed up calorie consumption but with limited effect reduced fat if to lose weight, eat a lot of chili hard, it will over-stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in fast heartbeat, increased blood pressure and other side effects.
damage and excessive consumption of nerve endings on the tongue taste buds will feel peppers The more time passes the more eating cause stomach hurt. Experts pointed out that "to make up for its restraint after the start before why not engage?" Some people want to take some Xian Dan Da best results, this mentality is very dangerous. Weight loss should rest, diet, exercise, and many with no means to start relying on a single approach can become.
For the current emulsion some chili ingredients, claiming applied to the skin to lose weight, even more desirable, because the use of heat to reduce weight effect is temporary. the long term, can not be sustained weight control. Moreover, some people are allergic to hot on the skin. Instead,botanical slimming patches, redness, itching phenomenon.
Can eat chili cancer, pain?
Peppers contain vitamin c and carotenoids, both of which are prime antioxidants, can inhibit the generation of free radicals and oxidative The reaction corollary, peppers not only aging but also the prevention of atherosclerosis disease
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