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Some Misunderstandings about obesity
       <-! Hzhend -> The latest scientific research shows that: There are a lot of obese people has long been misconceptions and explain Here are a few misunderstandings about obesity

1, if. adhere to a low-fat diet you will not obese

limit fat intake to control weight is good, although eating a low-fat diet in terms of a relatively high-fat diet is not easy to gain weight, but some people every day low fat diet, excessive intake of calories, they will still be fat.

2, slowly make you appear faster sense of fullness, which helps you reduce food intake at each meal

there is no concrete evidence to prove this fact in a recent study,aveda botanical kinetics gel cleanser, the researchers tried to control the speed of eating to observe their effects on specific food consumption results show that the consumption rate of total consumption No amount of influence.

3, a fat will reduce the weight to the desired level, then as long as the middle level of the normal intake of calories can maintain this weight

very Unfortunately,aveda botanical kinetics gel cleanser, this is not true scientists found: weight loss can make some bodys metabolic process slows down, so in this case the body just fewer calories than before will be able to restore your weight to its original level in other words, The same is to maintain a healthy weight, overweight people should be less than a non-fat people eat fewer calories and this is the reason why there are repeated weight many people who appear in the diet.

4, obesity is caused due to some psychological reasons

to provide psychological treatment for the obese have a lot of years of history which is mainly based on the assumption: obesity itself,aveda botanical kinetics gel cleanser, such as anxiety, depression and other affected mood, so he compensated by eating some of their potential needs. This argument is wrong. survey shows that the proportion of people with manic depression or schizophrenia who are not in obese than lean people with a high incidence.

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