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Perfect body sculpting round operation (Figure)
 Summer is coming,botanical slimming 2 piece bathing suits with skirts, fat nowhere to hide, you want a perfect body, abandoned weight loss drug, start exercising it


Name: gluteus medius, biceps femoris, quadriceps, Phil. Long muscle

perfect standard: limb gluteus medius, biceps femoris, quadriceps and peroneus longus are developing very balanced, and more full of muscle, There is flexibility

pair of legs is the dream of many women, in addition to genetic and acquired workout will play a big role

training ball squat:

Step 1

1, with a waist top in the fitness ball, against the wall, feet half a step forward, chin up, tighten the abdomen. both hands on her hips started doing squats until thighs parallel to the ground just over the position, then slowly stand up. Note that when the ball rolling in the back to keep a balance, not side to side. This action can improve the strength of the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, biceps of shares Muscle is also good exercise

Step 2

2, kick training: feet shoulder width apart, fighting the good state of combat readiness, then do squat, while in the most up do fast kicks, then squat, kicking out for another one. attention, action to maintain balance and stability throughout the body, the knee kicks when not locked.

arm after Side

Name: Triceps

perfect standard:. slender, no fat


summer wear short-sleeved. arm rear side effects of excess fat will be very beautiful

pull back pull back device is

practice exercises: the body to maintain balance, elbows fixed on both sides of the body, clenched hand, try to lever down pressure until reaching fully contracted state triceps, then slowly return to the starting position.

also be holding a dumbbell, arm straight up close to the ears, elbows bent backwards slowly, then slowly Slow lift


Name: Breast

perfect standard: A Breast very elastic

importance of a womans chest would not have said main factors that affect the size and shape of the breast, including the body, including several types of estrogen hormones, and moderate exercise equipment will effectively regulate this secretion. various forms of chest push and pull action will allow the entire chest to get a good workout

Seated Chest is

Seated Chest is: sitting in a chair, shoulders must be close to the back, two-hand Stop to slowly push toward the middle.

dumbbell chest

also do dumbbell chest, holding dumbbells, arms straight, parallel to the sides of the body force expanded.


Name: abs, lower abs

perfect standard:.. flat, firm abdomen did not sit down fat

imagine when summer wear midriff waist appear an obvious "life preserver" is what it feels like. This simple abdominal exercises so that you can wear midriff.

training ball sit-ups

Training ball crunches: sitting on the training ball, feet Tazhu ground slowly slide forward until the lower half of the hip ball with both hands hold separate training ears abdominal contraction, bending sit.. shoulder to hips moving direction abdominal compression force at the highest point, and then slowly return to starting position. attention to control of the body, the course of action not to allow training ball rotates in any direction.

Volume abdominal exercises

volume abdominal exercises: sit still, the handle with both hands, the muscles of the abdomen, the body bent forward


name: gluteus maximus < / P>

perfect standard: buttocks tight, bend

bodybuilding buttocks is an important symbol of feminine beauty is regrettable that a lot of people because of prolonged sitting in office. hips tend to gain weight due to fat accumulation and premature gradually droop, not only affects the physical beauty,botanical slimming 2 piece bathing suits with skirts, and bloated from the medical point of view, hip beauty and is closely related to genetic and lifestyle, but efforts will have acquired considerable role .

wide flat type

Cause: The more fat accumulation hip side, the upper gluteus maximus underdeveloped

vertical jump. Sports

Exercise: do vertical jump exercise and aerobic exercise


the cause: the gluteus maximus and thighs The biceps femoris underdeveloped, lack of flexibility

training methods: lunge squatting exercises, standing feet apart, feet hip width away from the chin up, tighten the abdomen, hands each holding one. dumbbells. taken a big step forward, knees the body center of gravity, until the knees about 90 °. with hip and leg muscles to lift the back of the legs and back to the starting position. for the other leg Repeat the above action this action on the buttocks and thigh muscles have a good workout, you can improve the breech

thin narrow

the cause: the gluteus maximus as a whole, especially outside underdeveloped pelvic blood circulation smooth enough

thin narrow hips training methods

Exercise: Stand, feet together,botanical slimming 2 piece bathing suits with skirts, legs and back straight, his hands above his head, palms toward the inside of the abdomen. muscle tension, the body slowly forward, his hands clinging to the thighs from behind. forehead stickers adhere to the knee about 10 seconds, then slowly restored. repetitive movements. Such exercises can improve blood circulation in the pelvic and hip muscles can more flexible


Name: latissimus dorsi

perfect standard:. standing upright, smooth muscles <. / P>

Maybe too many people are concerned about their positive and ignore the back, in real life, you will find a lot of people will have different degrees of Hanxiong arched, looking a bit old and 3 years old. Even some regularly at the gym who will happen, it is because too much exercise and too little chest workout will lead back to close the shoulder, from the visual is Hanxiong arched, which is not conducive to the health of the spine, so To erect posture must be done back muscles

bars drop down drop down bars: with latissimus dorsi contraction forces will pull the first bars of the chest, and then slowly decline, the whole process of keeping the muscles tightened.

dumbbell dumbbell rowing boat: holding a dumbbell, maintaining the integrity waist, upper body Fuseshita parallel to the ground, his hands brought back, feeling squeezed by the back of the spine, then slowly restore

Choose from more than an exercise training methods, then loop to do 3-5 big group, select the appropriate weight for each action done 15-25 times, rest 20-40 seconds between each part of the training. remember, you The purpose is not to increase muscle, but to the main body muscles get plenty of exercise, while burning more calories.


? Strength training not only makes the body more beautiful , but also improve their BMR (basal metabolism), which would allow a multiplier effect of weight loss, but also will not rebound.

? muscles bigger every woman wanted to see, so the choice of weight it must not be too heavy, but do not be too light weight you choose the best that you can complete 15-25 times the standard muscle action after nearly exhaustive. every training the best of several parts of the body major muscle cyclically . done, each time to rest only 20-40 seconds, so the aim is to maintain the existing muscle elasticity and density, improve BMR, and will not let muscle size larger

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