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               If youre ready to sit back and relax in the afternoon, then youre not the only one who thought that way. According to reports, half of the women in the afternoon, the energy consumption will be reduced. Next time, use a quick, easy way to replace Your coffee bar.

Here are some quick fit in the office doing the exercise, each made at least one action.

an upper body stretching exercise

1, sitting on a wheel chair, hands shoulder width apart, grab your desk.

2, to keep your thumb below the other fingers on top. Put your feet off the ground, contract your abdomen, slowly push your chair back until you looked at the ground, your head between your arms.

3, then slowly slowly pull yourself back until your belly with a table offset. repeated 12-15 times, with three seconds to launch it, 3 seconds to pull back.

two lower body stretching

1, sitting on the edge of a word wheels, feet flat, his hands flat on the thigh. (depending on the type of your shoes and socks and the surface of the floor, you may need to take off your shoes.)

2, put your toes off the ground, just to let you heel to the ground. use your heels slowly push your chair back until your legs are fully spread out.

3, to keep the upper body relaxed, and then use your heels to pull your chair back. done 12-15 times,botanical slimming jeans my pillow as seen on tv, with three seconds to launch, 3 seconds to pull back.

three, sitting cushion movement

1, from your chair to stand up, feet shoulder width apart, keep your body back straight, bend your knees and your hips, just like you want to sit on the same chair.

2, do not let your knees bent at in front of your toes, you have to come into contact with in time to stop the chair, then stand up. doing this action four times.

3, then crouched to maintain a downward position, the buffer (in move up and down a small area) three times, and then stand up. doing this exercise six times.

four table pushups

1, standing, the slightly larger than your hands shoulder width apart, on the table, put your feet moving backwards until you form an angle of push-ups, bend your arm so that your elbow is like outside of the.

2, slowly lower your chest toward the desk. Keep your head, back, hip and leg in a straight line. hold for 2 seconds, then return to the initial position, do 12 times.

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five, promote and uplift movement

feet hip width apart and standing, knees slightly bent.

A, hands and fingers cross, put your arm on the front, and the chest was flat. put your palms turned outward, arms push forward, put your upper body to form a circle, feel the body stretching. maintained for 15 seconds, then relax .

B, the next step to get your hands on your lower back, just above your hips, fingers pointing down. gently put your hands pressure to your back, pull your shoulders to pull down, lift your chest, keeping your head position, to maintain this action for 15 seconds.

six, chair twisting motion

1, upper body upright sitting in a chair,botanical slimming jeans my pillow as seen on tv, his left leg pressure in the right leg.

2, take a deep breath,botanical slimming jeans my pillow as seen on tv, when you exhale, Gently your waist to the left eye from your left shoulder at the past. keeping your hips facing forward.

3, put your arm across your body, grab your arm or back of a chair, gently deepen your stretch. Hold for 10 seconds, and then for the other side to do. extend on each side 2 times.

OL is the lack of time, these inadvertently trick allows you to lose weight in the unconscious, really serve double was

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