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Together with the big S style of thousands of practitioners plump Bottom
No matter how tired walking

big S abdomen should rise Bottom department, small S practicing ballroom dancing, etc., as is the rear style, most vividly.



Tunbuxiachui There are many causes, such as: sedentary office do not exercise or poor diet

food therapy: containing vegetable fat or vegetable protein foods, such as tofu, can prevent Tunbuxiachui

plastic hip movements: standing, on the right side of the body wall; lift the left foot,botanical slimming patch reviews, with his left hand and grab your ankles; in the case of the body to maintain balance. raise the left hip, and then resume knees together, for 30 seconds each leg repeated twice.


buttocks were flat : wear hip pleated,botanical slimming patch reviews, large pockets, embroidery or embroider beautiful jeans, tie belt, looks plump buttocks

Tunbuxiachui Author: Use short and wide pleated skirt Yuanqun vertical people sight; may also choose to wear a back pocket of trousers or shorts

TIPS: Road solutions encounters unexpected events

Choose low waist line downloading, revealing a little bit waistline, with a dark eye shadow brush above the waist, try to make the waist, hip ratio "looks" between 0.6-0.8, in order to reflect the "twist" this ultra charm verb

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