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30 minutes after meals to lose weight for prime time,meizitang botanical slimming pills
Three reasons

failed to lose weight is:

1 seems to have little effect

2 to dramatically change their lifestyles

3.... . caused by psychological stress and physical deterioration.

30 to the minute everything

in the end how to keep the upper body fat? most effective method of aerobic exercise or if it can not , the minimum is to keep blood sugar levels rise after a meal.

do not want to grow more fat than it is now, the first thing to do is move a bit after a meal because the intestinal absorption is started after dinner about 30 minutes to start, and blood sugar levels rise about 30 minutes after the intestinal absorption beginning.

compared to devote time and fitness, do not underestimate the calories consumed daily lives. recent U.S. Ku Bo aerobic Institute published a study that found in ordinary life activities of the body conscious people, and for 6 months, 5 days a week, perform 20-60 minutes swimming or cycling and other aerobic exercise every day people with ratio, the degree of reduction in body weight and body fat is almost the same The same study found that the consumption of calories daily life much more than imagined.

After the dinner break easily


breakfast and After lunch usually go ride or commute to work, the activities of some physical problems just after dinner, dinner lot of people will sit and watch TV or lay down to sleep, the doctor for this phenomenon, made the following recommendations:.

finishing patio or balcony if there courtyard, finishing in the courtyard after dinner is a good choice if there is no garden, you can create a garden terrace, while they sort out the row of reducing solid fat.

meal appropriate exercise

matter what to eat, or what method to lose weight, remember to exercise after eating all right

for lazy words: Walking

< P> lazy crush can choose to walk, the researchers found that about 45 minutes after a meal walk 20 minutes, calories burned faster. if they can walk again in two to three hours after a meal, for about 20 minutes, then the effect of weight loss will be more obvious right fitness walking should be chin up,meizitang botanical slimming pills, stride

half lazy words: jogging

jogging time to continue to more than a half hour, without interruption, 10 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise is not going to burn fat, so at least have to hang on until half an hour

If you are not lazy:! weight loss exercises

each kinds of weight loss exercises you can try, need 30-60 minutes, afraid youre too lazy to move, you can do it every day

Note:? after finishing the action, while lying down, relax abdomen motion which not too keen mind to think of the abdominal muscles during exercise.

clean the room. slightly physical activity, can also clean after eating as a habit.

long wash a little bath. dinner a little rest for 30 minutes, you can take a bath, if coupled with cleaning the bathroom,meizitang botanical slimming pills, the better.

couples massage each other after dinner 30 minutes couples massage each other, are Massage is one very comfortable for people who are also good massage movement.

election farther restaurant. lunch If you must eat out, do not always choose the company next door to the restaurant, 15-minute walk, find a delicious little restaurant, a cup of tea after eating can also be walked back to the office

(Editors Note: Please note that the intensity of exercise after eating, too strong or too long may be detrimental to the body .)

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