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Tight hip yoga

Round plump buttocks Alice not only make your body more attractive, and can leave the beautiful shadows. Beautiful buttocks lines have been pursued by more and more women.
Bodybuilding buttocks in many ways, such as Stand straight leg lift, leg lift after the prone, unarmed squat, etc. The following beat massage is simple, but good results,mzt botanical slimming reviews, especially for large and loose hips.
daily at bedtime or morning, both lying in bed , on the carpet, legs together, then use a light hammer fists buttocks rhythmically several times when touching the buttocks exhale, inhale when you lift off, repeatedly do. sitting in the office and the lack of long-term movement of women, the best way is to walk Please note contraction of the buttocks when walking, tighten the abdomen, ideas on the toes.
following this yoga Ass power, mainly around the waist twisting motion to remove the fat on the waist, hips to prevent sagging.
1, supine knees,mzt botanical slimming reviews, elbows stays
2,mzt botanical slimming reviews, exhale, knees and right back, upper body does not move, do not bias the position of the foot too much, just the waist and turn right;. Inhale slowly recover 3, exhale down the left knee, waist and turn left; breath, the recovery repeated about 15 times
attention while doing the Twist, ideas focused on tightening the buttocks twice a day. .. , finished relax the body
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