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Weight loss is a womans life are fighting for something, whether you are 20, 30 or 40 women, a sense of relaxation without the fat lines always let your beauty be greatly reduced. Today, small series made for you different ages to lose weight, take a look at your exclusive weight loss program it

20 years old: the young are not necessarily cost

20-year-old age group is metabolism, especially 20 to 25 years old and you will find that even though he was not deliberate attention to diet, but also to maintain a slim body, energy is also very strong, but often after the age of 25, especially near the end when the two words, it is not so lucky. Like in the past with the nature of food and drink, do not eat breakfast; side always snacks constantly; night out with friends and colleagues unknowingly eat a big meal is commonplace, even a small pot to start somewhere, though still not fat, but muscle. begins to relax, everything seems to eat at the waist, arms, thighs accumulated.

Unfortunately, these are expressed in their 20s begin to slow down your metabolism, do not pay attention, graceful posture day will be gone forever, but do not be discouraged, after more than 20 years of age or the age of the plastic is easy to lose weight as long as attention to diet, exercise habit started, even over 30 years old, you can easily keep the envy of their peers make very body and health

Myth One: do not eat staple food will be able to lean

compared with the cooking, heat the staple food is actually much lower .2 two rice only 100 cards, and A plate of stir-fried vegetables may be more than 300 cards. three major nutrients, the heat generated is the highest fat. than proteins and carbohydrates, fat calories to more than two times. good meal, not only can control the heat, but also let you mouth quickly produce satiety, so as to better resist the temptation. was

need to pay attention to the choice of staple food is also very important. rice, corn, buckwheat, whole wheat, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., than come from rice flour containing cellulose and richer in vitamins, minerals, and can not easily be converted to fat accumulation together,mzt botanical slimming capsule malaysia, and the body must use more calories to digest them, so you should learn to eat the staple food, and the best is the staple food grains .

Myth: Do not be afraid to practice instrument "big man"

many girls are discouraged on the gym equipment area, afraid of his own excel stocky "big man" in fact. kinds of concerns is totally unnecessary. Firstly, to become a "big man" is no easy task, for the lack of male hormones women, especially Secondly, sports equipment, can help you build muscle, improve body shape, these are running, etc. Aerobic exercise can not be done. regular strength training to maintain muscle level, in order to boost your metabolism, so that figure is more compact and stylish.

exclusive slimming program

1, from now on since you have to learn to identify what is a low-nutrition, high-calorie foods is invalid, because it allows you to excess calories, fat accumulation, but no benefits and health, such as most of the packaged snacks, such as puffed food, biscuits, also carbonated drinks, etc. You know the little calories a packet of crisps can be higher than a pork meal? eating a pork meal, you probably would be difficult to have the appetite to eat other things, and protein,mzt botanical slimming capsule malaysia, calcium, etc. nutrients for your health is also very good, but the chips do not have these nutrients available to you, will only make you eat an amazing amount of heat, may not feel satisfied, long before they began looking around for snacks. know not sleep, fat begins to accumulate, they themselves do not understand how it was!

2, in addition to diet than to develop good exercise habits are also important .20-year-old is still firming your muscles , and is the key to maintain good muscle metabolism. over 30 years old, muscles every 1% decrease rate of 10 years, the older, slower metabolism, ie more likely to accumulate fat in order to maintain muscle, maintained compact lines, more than 20 years of age should begin strength training in the gym under the guidance of professional coaches familiar with a variety of instruments, to understand different parts of the body for the plastic method, you will benefit from the infinite.

insert language: a lot of carry sports equipment, pay attention to balanced meals, so eat more calories come from nutritious foods

30 years old: thin absolutely have to plan carefully

30 Your metabolism slows down significantly year-old,mzt botanical slimming capsule malaysia, seems to increase the total weight reduction is also not, in the past twelve days without eating can lean a two pounds, now one week to eat it without the slightest improvement.

From now on, the home refrigerator, kitchen cleaning something big: all given away all packaging snacks, fruit drinks, whole milk dairy products, frozen dumplings milk yellow bag, ice cream, are all disposed of sight for the net to be thin. success, we must say goodbye to all those high-calorie foods. fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein, whole grains, is the secret of your slim.

Meanwhile, unnecessary entertainment is able to push and push, perhaps It began 30 years starting your career, but the heat too much business banquets in addition to bring you social network will create fat. regular and suitable for your daily physical exercise, must seize it!

Myth One: Multipoint vegetarian dining out healthier

vegetables rich in cellulose, and their meat is much lower than the heat, help lose weight, but the restaurant was not made completely vegetarian Such a thing in order to allow all kinds of vegetables taste more pleasing, often during cooking to add a lot of fat such as green leafy vegetables, due to the relatively large size, are particularly vulnerable to absorbing you might have such an experience: a tablespoon of oil, vegetables Not long pot, the oil was gone. way, had only 20 calories vegetables, into more than 200 calories. other vegetables, such as roasted bran, eggplant, bamboo shoots, loofah, tofu, etc., are also "Range "experts. Unconsciously, heat is excessive. lack of protein and vegetables inside, is not conducive to maintaining good metabolism to burn fat.

out how to eat healthy? you can order some cold dishes, Because oil is often doused with cold dish to go, not too much volume and only a fifth braised tofu tofu salad calories, if points fried vegetables, let the store boiled, stir-fried in oil so than Some heat is much lower meat dishes, such as chicken, duck, steamed fish, but also high-protein, low-calorie good choice, the premise is to eat peeled

Myth: As long as exercise can lose weight

busy women difficult to arrange regular exercise time, and often not easy to choose the right time to exercise, if you always choose to run on the weekend afternoons 3,4 points yoga and other aerobic exercise, you may also see a few months down the results of the reason is that your timing pm 3,4 points, your blood sugar is still abundant reserves - This sumptuous lunch, thanks to you At this time doing aerobic exercise, can only be consumed today calories you eat, rather than true body fat, so only before breakfast on an empty stomach, or the need to consume a lot of physical strength after strength training, then you liver in the blood sugar has been consumed in almost the same, do aerobic exercise must be utilized accumulation of body fat, so as to achieve the purpose of fat loss

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