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What is the best time to eat sweets

nutritionists say, about ten oclock, and about four p.m. is the best time to eat dessert. This appropriate period of time to taste a little sweet, can eliminate fatigue, adjust the mood, reduce stress.

but only "point" to date, can not eat.

low blood pressure, many people have had this experience. near noon,botanical slimming diet pills review, suddenly felt dizzy, cold hands and feet, even the strength to speak as well. then experienced people will remind you, the best thing is to eat sweets, dizziness situation generally improved. This is because blood pressure is too low, especially in this phenomenon occurs when cold.

low blood sugar control due to excessive sugar intake, while the symptoms of hypoglycemia caused by shock, drinking sugar water or other Sweet drinks, patients can survive the crisis.

doctors always remind those with diabetes, blood sugar testing should always weekdays and urine, but also with a piece of chocolate or candy when you go out. occur if on the road dizziness, weakness and other symptoms, can eat candy before

pay a lot of physical movement of the body during exercise, but they should not eat too much before exercise, then, required to meet human motion moderate eating sweets energy supply. then

nausea and dizziness when drinking high sugar water, can increase blood glucose enhance disease resistance.

vomiting or diarrhea,botanical slimming diet pills review, gastrointestinal disorders during this time the patient has symptoms of dehydration, If drink some salt and sugar, is conducive to recovery of gastrointestinal function.

too tired, and then the body loses too much heat hunger,botanical slimming diet pills review, human weakness, eat sweets, including sugar faster than general food is absorbed into the blood ., quickly added fitness

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