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Abdominal Weight Loss: white women teach you thin lower abdomen
screen.width-333) this.width = screen.width-333 "align = left border = 0> for a long time sitting in the office of the beautiful women who have a common headaches: belly fat piled up, how to eliminate These fat it? sedentary office activities are very limited, often a few hours to sit down and do not need to move about,botanical slimming 100% natural meizitang soft gel, thus making the formation of more and more beautiful than the upper body lower body fat situation. signs of the beginning of the most fat are reflected in the lower abdomen, the body can not blame say we did not warn Yo! under various constraints, there is no simple way to let no "belly of suffering" mean? Of course there myself!

Now let me introduce to you a beautiful office movement: first, sitting in a chair, his legs and slowly lift up

second step, his hands gently on the lower abdomen, slowly. slowly exhale, exhale while gradually tightening the lower abdomen.

third step, exhale slowly accelerated, is tightening the lower abdomen,botanical slimming 100% natural meizitang soft gel, shoulders stay relaxed.

fourth step, abdominal received when the degree of tight gas also Tuwan.

fifth step, the shoulders and lower abdomen are relaxed, slowly began to inhale. sixth step

, try to inhale , then do not deliberately abdominal contraction, instead replaced abdomen downward pressure way.

gymnastics main purpose of this is to eliminate belly fat, only for two or three can not see any effect, at least have consistently done in the afternoon every day two or three times,botanical slimming 100% natural meizitang soft gel, each time to make at least eight shot, continued for three months, you will be able to see the effect, not only to maintain Mimis body, but also to relieve the pressure too nervous to go to work!

In addition, the pursuit of perfection in everything you after the evening bath is best to use some of the body products (slimming body sculpting class as powerful slimming gel lipolytica) applied to the body, and in the abdomen while doing massage not only to eliminate excess fat, but also conducive to sleep ah "There are no ugly women, only lazy", OfficeLady agree with you Articles from -.?

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