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Easy weight loss diet three civil 10kg

Lead: popular among the general population, allows quickly lose excess fat, but also allows you to enjoy more delicious, I believe that the three civil occult can bring beauty to your harvest

pear! weight loss of 10 pounds

a month, 10 pounds a month pears diet

1, students Chili

breakfast a pear add an egg

Weight loss principle: Wash the pears raw skin, increase the amount of fiber and many vitamins get a crisp and rich pear juice, 50 calories card

way to lose weight is to eat raw pears.:

morning to get a cup of water and salt, then add an egg to eat a pear to lunch to eat according to their own habits, but only 7 minutes to eat eat, and avoid fried and greasy Food dinner with vegetables and pear-based, and then drink a bowl of vegetable soup

intimate reminder:!. than three meals a day to be careful not to eat snacks hungry to adhere to this method two weeks Chili effect gradually obvious, especially trouble and sisters eager to lose weight

2, pears mixed with celery

material: two pears, celery,meizitang botanical slimming blue capsule pill, 200 grams, tomato one

< p> approach:

1) Wash and cut half pears, peeled and seeded, cut into strips, such as salt water soak for 15 minutes

2) tomatoes cut into six, row plate decoration.

3) Wash the celery, boil the soup one minute after removing the shower water,meizitang botanical slimming blue capsule pill, remove the skin fibers, cut into small pieces.

4) drain the pears and celery water, salt 1/3 teaspoon sugar 1/3 teaspoon sesame oil and 1 teaspoon after mixing evenly Wobble.

5) yellow mustard 1/3 teaspoon water and mix thoroughly, Jiasha La sauce 1 tbsp mix well, as can be poured into a small dish of dipping sauces pear mixed with celery, as this can often eat vegetarian ah.

sisters this month with a reduction of 10 pounds easily, but she Under the base case is small.

popular among the general population, allows quickly lose excess fat, but also allows you to enjoy more delicious, I believe that the three civil occult can you take to the United States harvest

Yuxingcao diet

two, Houttuynia diet

loss principle:! Yuxingcao is "king of herbs", also known as Zhe Ergen, smelly vegetables grass, dog ear, etc., crumple leaves fishy, ​​but after drying fragrance, eat fresh salad products can do. Houttuynia slightly cold, heat, detoxification, diuretic, swelling, soft stools, adjust blood pressure , eliminate toxins and other effects it has a strong diuretic effect, it makes telangiectasia, increased renal blood flow and urine secretion, so for quality of urinary tract infection, urinary frequency astringent pain .......

< p> 1, Houttuynia dates

Material: Houttuynia (dry) 75 grams, jujube cut 15, seven cups of water

practice: Place all ingredients into pot, add good water to the fire boil, simmer for 20 minutes. cooked after Houttuynia filtered, leaving the juice on it.

2, Houttuynia soaked

Material: Houttuynia (dry) 75 grams

practice: with open blisters into the cup, 5 minutes after drinking, can be repeated brewing, adhere 8 a day cups, more than two weeks, slimming effect is significant

intimate reminder: But we can not think so that you can eat snacks, ah, try to eat light, northern sisters may rarely hear this stuff, Southern sisters through common this, so do Southerners can buy fresh Houttuynia dish to eat, very convenient ah

bitter wormwood diet

three, bitter wormwood diet

loss principle: Bitter Artemisia called Artemisia annua, or incense, heat, diuretic

specific method is: the pot by adding four large bowl of water, add 40 g bitter wormwood, and cook for 10 minutes, dry 5 minutes after drinking, Three times a day, a cup, but also when ready to drink beverages

drawback is: a little bitter, but the weight loss thing,meizitang botanical slimming blue capsule pill, sacrificing points worth

sisters have two months lost 17! .! pounds, has lost 7 pounds in two weeks, there are six pounds of lean month pharmacies also sell, we can try, do eat light point ah

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