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lazy sleep easy weight loss

day if you sleep less than seven and a half hours, so stop blaming those weight-loss diet or expert suggestions invalid and you will drink water that fat physique ,meizitang botanical slimming harga, largely due to the shortness of your sleep time. want to know the health of women sleep seven and a half hours, and in this seven and a half hours, the depth of sleep can stimulate the brain secretes a growth hormone, to guide the body fat into energy, which is not a diet that love to sleep thin MM tips to keep you slim and lies. Another exciting is that not only foreign girls have been experimentally proved this point, the domestic experience of those who come from all walks of life They spent two months, the average weight 3.5KG, the highest weight 5.5KG, small 2 SIZE full dress size.

domestic experience from all walks of life who have spent two months, the average weight 3.5KG, the highest weight 5.5KG, small 2 SIZE full dress size in weight-loss centers, when youre lying in the physical treatment of various rituals consumed calories,meizitang botanical slimming harga, slimming teacher will ask you as sleeping, sleeping The slimming effect is often better than you awake, it can not tell the depth of the relationship between sleep and body weight about.

experts advocate "asleep thin"

recently , University of Chicago sleep researcher Dr. Ivica Where Keao Te latest conclusions drawn: lack of sleep can seriously affect the balance of female hormones, womens digestive disorders, so that increased food intake, increased fat storage, and ultimately lead to overweight or obesity Another researcher Sanjay Patel said: "At least there are more than 20 studies have shown that sleep less flesh and more." in his 16 years, involving 70,000 people in the survey found that less than a day to sleep Among five hours of sleep than normal overweight people 30% more. Currently, women 25 to 30 years old on average sleep only six hours and 40 minutes, far more than required to maintain a healthy seven and a half hours is much lower. However, those in charge of sleep suppresses appetite,meizitang botanical slimming harga, desire and fat hormone is an indisputable fact that Articles from -.

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