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Fat woman must see: Analysis of nine kinds of popular fitness concepts

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aerobic exercise is not the most energy consumption

1, there aerobic exercise most heat loss? wrong.

Traditionally, most aerobic exercise burns calories, more recent research results exactly the opposite. study found that strength training is more energy-intensive than aerobic exercise. Strength training not only helps tone muscles, but also better able to promote metabolism, helps burn fat long-standing research shows that strength training even after the end of 36 hours,meizitang botanical slimming soft gel side effects fda, the bodys energy consumption process continues.

2, exercise can reduce fat? Dui .

Although exercise can not prevent the accumulation of fat, but it can consume the body fat. involved in various energy-consuming exercise, combined with the right diet, are helps to reduce the fat content in the body, making the United States more slender body kinematics expert Michigan State University Robert - Professor Olson suggested that more than for hips, thighs and other parts of the accumulation of fat is easy exercise, but do not ignore the rest of the body muscle training. Additionally, for tendon strength exercises are also important.

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do first and then stretch run

3,meizitang botanical slimming soft gel side effects fda, should first stretch, then run? Dui .

studies have claimed that excessive stretching exercises before jogging ligaments stiffen easy to make, easy to injuries, but still need to exercise in front of the joints and ligaments, "opened" American therapist Robert -. Dr. Ma Siqi suggested that the best jogging before running the first 5-10 minutes to warm up for 30-60 seconds and then not so severe stretching motion

4, running a marathon and easy to get heart disease? necessarily.

Canada in May 2009 a study confirmed that the marathon will indeed cause. to the heart in the short term damage, but the rest one week after finishing a marathon, heart function return to normal, not legacy. before attending the first long-distance, be sure to seek medical advice, and receive adequate training before the game,meizitang botanical slimming soft gel side effects fda, after all, the greatest danger is to run a marathon, exercise more than amount of training, the heart to withstand extraordinary load.

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exercise to improve learning ability after

5, exercise improves learning ability? Dui .

sounds incredible, but exercise can indeed improve learning ability. Muenster University in Germany, a new study found, run , students master new words faster than 20% before the start of learning, training is the best preparation activities, which can make brain cells alive. aerobic exercise and strength training are beneficial to the brain, but also more complex, such as tennis and soccer . projects better effect on stimulating the brain

6, practicing abdominal crunches best wrong Articles from -?.

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