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Rice, my angel thin

rice contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugar, is to lose weight must. rice to lose weight there are many advantages, the rice helps to lose weight, do not eat too much because sugar points to lose weight, if radical, it will achieve the opposite effect.
a,botanical slimming by botanical slimming, a good chew for rice, bread these sugary foods, if properly chew and then be absorbed, it can have blood sugar rises,botanical slimming by botanical slimming, thus making it difficult to become fat accumulation.

two, especially at night, easier to control sugar intake because of the amount of physical activity as well as the evening traumatic activity are small, sugar consumption will become more difficult, so in the evening, especially sugar intake should be controlled. < / p>

three, and together with vitamin B1 B2 B1 B2 intake of carbohydrates and vitamin intake,botanical slimming by botanical slimming, then at the same time, high sugar will be converted to energy efficiency, including the most abundant vitamin B1 leeks, garlic, onions all this highly effective ingredients.

carbohydrates in rice, bread, wheat, pumpkin, potato is rich in content. intake of carbohydrates, are broken down into glucose after digestion and absorption, In human liver and muscle glycogen is stored as down. Another part of glucose into the blood as in the fasting and exercise, glycogen is the regulation of blood sugar value has a certain role.

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