Relaxed leg aerobic exercise to lose weight

Relaxed leg aerobic exercise to lose weight
Let us humming a lively song, admiring the scenery along the way, easy to do aerobic exercise to lose weight now!
1, holding a towel, brisk walking
comfortable and easy to wear soft-soled walking shoes. put a towel around your neck, his hands holding the ends of the towel to normal speed, and speed are two ways alternately walking five minutes.
2, alternately lifted both ends of the towel, speed walking
Congbozishang Remove the towel, his hands alternately lift one end of the towel to accelerate walking speed,Lida Daidaihua, step 8 is a set of actions, walking for three groups.
3, stride walking
release towel, a substantial swing arm,Slimming pills, forward .8 step is a big step forward as far as possible a set of actions, walking for three groups.
4, walking slowly at normal speed
movement to this point the most suitable fat burning heart rate can both hands at both ends of the towel slowly walking two minutes, slowed breathing.
5, relaxed leisurely stroll and brisk walking will
due thigh and calf muscles tense, so you will feel tired after 5 minutes. then do not stop, continue walking further to burn fat.
6, after adjusting waist kicks walking
long walk, waist and fatigue due to weight, so to promptly adjust the waist muscles when walking, the leg forward .8 kicked hard step for a group of consecutive 3 sets.
7, jumping walking, relax muscles
Finally, relax muscles jumping walking .8 step as a group,Green Lean Body, finished the three groups, the End the entire sport Articles from -

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