Slim slimming beauty -recipe- slimming

Slim slimming beauty "recipe" slimming

Best exercise prescription a

running. Tests show that if we continue running, you can mobilize the bodys antioxidant □ enthusiasm, which received anti-aging effect. Ran good shape, ran good skin, ran a good mood. As the saying goes, smile, ten years less, good mood, but the best beauty products oh.

Food Recommended:

trotters, kelp, aloe, sunflower seeds, celery, eggplant, pearl powder, fresh fruit juice, wine and so on.

Although it is Yan thin ring of fat each have their own beauty, but good Yan Zhao often thin, and good fat Tang did not ring often. He pointed to a flower fertilizer laughing face, and said: youre fat like her, I love you. Can be thought was: shaoqiu leave her really right.

best exercise prescription two

bouncing motion. Bounce can promote blood circulation, adequate supply of brain oxygen and energy, improve thinking and the ability to imagine, let you skip the more intelligent, Dongche insincere in his bounce in all.

Food Recommended:

milk, yogurt and other dairy products, eggs, fish and other high-protein diet, walnuts, peanuts and other nuts for food and bananas, kiwi vitamin C content Higher fruit.

"youthful appearance than you, I love you more now wrinkled face." But youre not Duras, so no one will really love your wrinkled face . Become old bitterness, that its true, and true is often cruel.

best exercise prescription three

hands and feet movement. Such as skiing, swimming, ball games, aerobics, yoga and so on. These movements can both help burn fat, as well as strengthening the bodys balance coordination and flexibility, diet fitness received double effect.

Food Recommended:

cucumber, bitter gourd, wax gourd, tomatoes, soy, seafood, green tea and so on.

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