Note obesity diet

Note obesity diet

Obesity refers to the bodys energy is due to over consumption, resulting in an excessive accumulation of body fat disease symptoms caused when more than one persons weight exceeds 20% of the standard weight, obesity has become Obesity mainly for varying degrees of fat accumulation to the distribution in the neck, torso or buttocks-based, often accompanied by significant obesity easy to heat, sweating, action is not flexible, susceptible to fatigue, shortness of breath, can not tolerate heavy physical activity and other symptoms, severe obesity may induce increased blood pressure, left ventricular hypertrophy, accompanied by diabetes or hyperlipidemia embolism. secondary to obesity and obesity are divided into simple obesity.

in diet, obesity limit fat, sugar, pastries, beer and other food intake is less than the total daily calorie consumption, and do more physical work and exercise. should pay attention to avoid eating cold things, eat warm food and food products contain a lot of fiber, and maintain high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet, it is best to eat foods make people sweat, which is "eating to lose weight," the trick. Eat foods rich in B vitamins and collagen . foods, eat less oily and spicy food

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