Popular speed thin meat parade homes will be able

Popular speed thin meat parade homes will be able Kuangshuai

Gangjie Myolie year for the filming and fertility, and today we see no difference when her body was run for Miss Hong Kong and Whats the secret of how thin she is fast?

to shoot radio drama "fertilizers wedding" and fattening performances Myolie Wu, surged by a rope during the females weighing 110 pounds to 152 pounds, explodes into a public hot body Dayton words.

Myolie Super thin parade homes

order to lose weight successfully, not only in strict accordance with the requirements Myolie eating slimming weekdays rarely attend a friends party, but to himself at home regular exercise, Let slimming effect is more obvious

Hu operating speed thin Section 1: thin arm gestures

thin arm gestures

fat loss Location: Living room

reduced fat parts: upper body

Fat Burn time: bedtime, bed movement, not only lazy, the effect is also very good

arm flexion and extension: training arm rear side Triceps

hands to support the chair, elbow back, tighten the abdomen, feet together. slowly let the elbow bend, the body down, pay attention to the center of gravity of the body and then slowly Restore

pulling: shoulder shaping

arm perpendicular to the sides of the body, breath, let the elbow bend, pulling the arm in the chest and then slowly restored Note that the elbow does not exceed shoulder

Hu operating speed thin Section 2: toe movement

toe movement

reduced fat Location: Room

reduced fat parts: buttocks, legs

Fat Burn time: half an hour after a meal, repeat for 20-40 minutes, the best results.

A. Lying:

legs bent at a 90 degree angle, legs parallel to the ground with both hands naturally flat sides, palms facing down the upper body taut, tight back. affixed to the floor

B. inhale:.

two steps lower left leg, just from the hip movement, rushed down the toes touch the ground (toe can not really touch the ground) breath. two steps to restore leg to the starting position, then do the same for the right leg action, so do alternating legs, each leg 12 times.

Hu s operating speed thin Section 3: Super thin yoga lotus sitting

fat loss Location: on a bed or on the floor

reduced fat parts: the body

Fat Burn time : After waking up every day to do, you can stretch the body, relax

sitting lotus is a basic yoga posture, you can do this action while watching TV, can help many human activities ligaments, keeping the meridians. unobstructed.

A. maintain normal posture, legs naturally straight. bent left leg, the left instep of the right thigh in the groin, hands on his left knee, left knee gently elastic movement up and down several times, making the final touches the ground Articles from -. http://www.securitysnail.com/