Comprehensive weight loss 14 pounds

Comprehensive weight loss 14 pounds

18 years old, height 158, weight 104 originally, now weighs 90, here is my weight loss journey:.

1 slimming atmosphere

I think not only their own efforts to lose weight , need an atmosphere, our hostel eight sisters all together to lose weight, the middle will have a monitoring and encouragement every morning to go to the drugstore roadside weigh, and record the weight of each person, and we also share with each other a lot of weight loss tips and ideas. slimming has virtually become our habit No forced and painful, naturally.

2. autonomy slimming tea

dry leaves 10g , hawthorn slices 50g, green tea 6g, put in a pot, soak in hot water for half an hour, drank a bottle a day, about a liter or so.

these pharmacies are selling, nor
< BR> screen.width-500) = screen.width-500; "border = 0> is generally a more expensive one or two bucks, no side effects after drinking, if you can not sleep at night for fear that drinking green tea. , you can also change the other tea, green tea is best, however, itself has a slimming effect.

3. diet recipes

morning, a bag of milk, an egg. noon adamantly staple , eat vegetables, and vegetables should always changing sample, in order to ensure the provision of nutritious afternoon generally do not eat, if you are hungry, eat cucumber roots. Perhaps you rarely see this stuff, but if you insist on drinking tea above, it would tea will make you kind of know the feeling of satiety after a meal, as much as possible to reduce your sense of hunger $ 200, you will find the original do not need to starve dieting.

4. brine margin

night after a day through the body with hot water, salt thin smear want local place, gently massage the backlog, after 10 minutes will find you have sweat dripping, sweat and grease are also along this flow. This kind of approach is particularly effective for swollen body parts.

5. walk

do not like sports then choose a walk every day no matter what time, try eliminating the car, walking to the destination, one hour every day, there is no obvious sweat to prove your fat burning, but you will find more and more slim leg.

6. bedtime leisure time

you can Lying in bed, lying upper body, legs close to the wall, insist 15 minutes, Ass stovepipe can also be lying upper body, legs pointed, bent and your chest lifted to the force used in the waist, build slender waistline.

This is what I insist on losing weight content of March, the fact that weight loss is not painful, the opposite is the longing for the perfect process of physical pleasure, persevering, sisters Come on!

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