The strongest way for you to eat a meal

The strongest way for you to eat a meal
Often heard people say, "Eat less" is the basic principle of weight loss, but how my body would not work? Reasons lie? Us step by step to answer, not thin down to find the cause.

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is what you eat meals? lunch, dinner or breakfast?

fat reason: no matter how busy Do not eat breakfast do not eat breakfast may also not thin down fat more

moves:!! "breakfast" is the first meals of the day, The most important meal, but you can rest assured that try to eat a meal from yesterday to today before dinner, breakfast, has nearly 12 hours of fasting stomach, particularly the need to eat a hearty breakfast to wake up still stay in bed for organs help start a full day and replenish the bodys energy metabolism

eat a meal, but eat a snack or hours

fat causes:!? reduce non-food meals opportunity to skip a meal is the most effective method slim.

While eating lunch, but eat a tea? eat dinner, but eat supper? Of course there is no such ! efficiency but also makes it easier for your body fat up

moves:! that is simple truth, but very easily we ignore you might think a small piece of cake, a cup of pearls. tea or a bowl of meat broth should be nothing but BODY want to tell you is the fact that these foods are calorie is really amazing! which is why nutritionists are always exhorted the importance of regular meals we eat! can Avoid eating something that did not win a high-calorie foods

other meals are what you eat

fat causes:? appropriate to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, fat can be less little yo

moves:!! check your food starch content especially fond of it, you carbohydrates, such as rice, bread, buns, cakes, Oden ... so often the bodys insulin The rise and fall in the intense changes in addition prone to hunger addition, these carbohydrate foods cause the bodys insulin secretion, helps convert food into fat accumulation in the body, thats it, so your body is always better than others more likely to plump up yo! Whether you eat a meal, the amount of six categories and balanced food intake is the key to maintaining tall slim!

body basal metabolic rate dropped?

fat reasons: to improve the bodys basal metabolic rate, is more effective than a small meal to lose weight

eat several meals are not likely to be lost because of your basal metabolism!? rate dropped

moves:! human consumption of calories has three main ways: 1 diet, accounting for 10,2 is active, accounting for 20,3 is the basal metabolic rate, accounting for 60 to 70 so. Basal metabolic rate is the key to consume calories yo! Thus, you want to lose weight, diet and their hard work, not increase basal metabolic rate as more practical! more exercise, drink plenty of water, regular bathing, washing and other massage ... !?, are effective ways to improve the basal metabolic rate oh

daily nutritional intake balanced yet

fat causes: food to eat, let the body get balanced nutrition, and healthy before they can slim down!

want to lose weight, eat less, can reduce calorie intake, and eating food, let the body get balanced nutrition, it can be healthy to lose weight yo ! especially office workers eating out all day, but need special attention.

grains and tubers 3-6 bowls of milk 1 to 2 parts meat and fish eggs, beans dish 4 servings of vegetables and fruits 2 3 2 to 3 tablespoons of fats and oils

eat and how fat is so unlucky

fat reasons:!? have a meal not a meal, when the food has entered a nutrient will be more fully absorbed.

moves: a meal is not a meal diet, the body will absorb the energy eludes right time, and this time the bodys self-protection mechanism will be activated, the result will be two happen : First, if there is food into energy, the body will absorb a large amount of storage and backup for a second, the body will automatically store fat instead of muscle tissue to break down before the results become less and less muscle to provide energy so fat. ! proportion becomes high, the body is getting thin down the

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