Easy to learn fast skipping sculpting method

Easy to learn fast skipping sculpting method

If you want to keep fit, and now teach you a quick and easy way - .. Skipping women of all ages can choose according to their physical condition skipping different intensities of

practice shows, skipping Movement for weight loss does have a significant effect, especially in the legs and buttocks help to reduce excess fat to lose weight skipping essentials:.

jump five minutes a day is a festival day can jump 5-6 section, jumping six days a week, you can gradually increase the amount to be adapted to the long-term adherence, will be able to effectively lose weight


1 jump your feet together. There bounce action: Every once skipped rope, feet together on the floor mat and then click;

2 feet together jump, bounce-free operation, that continuous skipping rope; 3 single. foot jump: jump rotation is two feet, like running action

jumping speed:.

Slow: Average jump 60-70 times per minute faster: Average . jumping 140-160 beats per minute


1 Skipping should wear soft texture, light weight, high shoes, avoid ankle injury

< P> 2. choose moderate hardness lawn, wood floors and good soil to the site, so as not to damage the joints, and can lead to dizziness.

3. while skipping the need to relax the muscles and joints, toes and Heel need to force coordination to prevent sprains

4 obese are advised to use both feet while landing a jump method, in order to avoid weight-bearing joints are injured

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