Physiology of these weight loss methods do not use

Physiology of these weight loss methods do not use

Unmistakable national sport to lose weight, it is young women in droves, even when menstruation does not let up, thus bringing more problems. Menstrual flow can cause hormonal imbalance, but likely to cause obesity soar, to pay attention to those who want to lose weight .

"menstruation" clinic patients, found that the majority of young girls, a female patient to control their weight through a specific diet, usually on the order of energy soup, aloe vera, fruit, lettuce salad and other food to feed their families, menstrual cramps during exercise more "grapefruit diet"

results of these patients were found to immediately reduce the number of menstrual flow, blood also darken;. similar circumstances the second month, even abdominal pain discomfort, lost vitality whole person in front did not use such methods to lose weight, most of these girls do not have a history of dysmenorrhea, such costs are unexpected.


menstrual cramps, in addition to Get plenty of rest, but also pay attention to nutrition, cold food items such as ice, cold drinks, grapefruit, grapefruit, pear, watermelon, coconut, oranges, tomatoes, green beans, lotus root, cucumber, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, wax gourd, cabbage, radish, etc. , should avoid or deprivation. usually screened in traditional Chinese medicine and food with each other after the line of abdominal pain in these patients are improved.

addition to the specific diet to lose weight, severe fasting method, slimming diet pills law, it is now popular Kampo lose weight. their consequences are menstrual disorders, disrupt hormones, and some even Yuejianyuefei Asian Wall Street Journal recently reported, "Do not Just lean muscle" seems to be a special oriental female psychology, in addition to Movement outside the weight-loss method, there are people who "fought" to test the body.

outpatient observation to this phenomenon and in fact, eat less and move is now known to control weight Fuji Dharma, often want to cut corners anti-loss benefits. was not difficult period regimen, such as Western women like to take the opportunity to eat chocolate, Chinese people spread ancient longan red dates soup, bean soup, ginger, brown sugar and cook, is a good choice .

(internship Editor: He Lili)

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