The 1st day off to eat light meal PK3

The 1st day off to eat light meal PK3

1 Ri fasting method, the 3rd light meal are quick ways to lose weight, both of which is more effective? Us look and see!

1 Ri off to eat PK 3 Ri light meal - Who is the real weight-loss guru

you the best kind of dieting fasting there are ways, there are restrictions on the number, not as long as there is determination, perseverance and therefore can be carried out,?. When "Fresh off the 1st Law" or "the 3rd light meal" has become a popular two bowel diet plan to lose weight, they are really effective feasible? us take a look at it!

Fresh off the 1st Law: 7 days Less 2Kg

only requires you drink a day on the weekend to follow steps, you can adjust the weight slowly, to get rid of 2 kg in one week it


best time selected: Saturday

the best choice for a diet plan on Saturday because of weekend off, the outside world will not be too much food temptations, they do not reserve the power to cope with work, but also You can rest at home, so that both body and mind to relax.

more importantly, because the first day of fasting, the content of the days diet also needs to be adjusted in order to allow the stomach to cope with your fasting program.

recommended four kinds priority drinks

fasting that day, can not eat, only drink! Therefore, to choose a primary beverage as one day 200 kcal of heat sources, if hungry, greedy, drink boiled water can then recommend the following four drinks -

milk: make mental strength

raw material is soy milk, which contains many healthy slim ingredients can regulate physiological functions such as soy lecithin, vitamin B complex to restore fatigue, vegetable protein and other nutrients

Tips:. commercially available milk usually sugar, but suggested MM are most drink sugar-free milk

knowledge: 240cc cup of unsweetened soy milk about 55 kcal, fasting day is no problem even if the drink 1000cc

juices: bowel United States Yan clergyman

vegetable juice rich in fiber will not only allow MM satiety, but also to prevent blood fat, lower cholesterol. proposal MM constipation often drink vegetable juice, to promote gastrointestinal motility, constipation phenomenon Moreover juice contains a lot of vitamin C, you want to skincare you can not miss it

Tips:! when homemade vegetable juice must not be sweetened, whole pieces juice will eat more than sliced ​​juice more fiber

knowledge: the size of a cup of vegetable juice calories varies depending on choice of fruits and vegetables, in general kiwi, grapefruit, apples, pineapples are a good choice

milk: Covers rich nutrients

milk nutrient-rich, and with the food science and technology also adds a variety of nutrients the body needs, is to accompany the growth, added strength, a good friend of nutrients .

Tips: There are currently commercially available full-fat milk, low-fat, skim the points, of course, want less heat absorption choose fat-free milk

knowledge:. 240cc degreasing milk about 80 kcal, drink about 3 cups

yogurt: bowel aid digestion

yogurt biggest benefit is to provide gut bacteria, so that eating out frequently, Gluttony promote gastrointestinal motility, remove toxins, so gut younger

Tips:. yogurt drink up to be especially careful, because it can not afford to underestimate the calories ah

! knowledge: be sure to compare before buying capacity and the proportion of calories a day, drink about 400cc, careful drinking too much, oh Articles from -!