Do not eat the staple food for weight loss Wu Yi

Do not eat the staple food for weight loss Wu Yi

once all the rage, still widely sought after "high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet" Currently the UK has once again been accused of "Food Standards Agency" has issued a statement - Long-term eating carbohydrates, the body more harm than good.
"low carb diet" does not advocate the intake of rice, pasta, bread and other staple foods containing high amounts of starch, at the same time, increase the intake of protein-rich foods, in order to achieve quick weight loss results Such diet weight loss enthusiasts countries today are still big egos, but nutritionists point out that the absence of a staple diet (carbohydrates) will cause general weakness, fatigue, lower blood sugar levels, resulting in dizziness, palpitations, brain dysfunction other issues, will cause severe low blood sugar coma

staple physiological function

staple foods are carbohydrates in complex carbohydrates, its main physiological functions: < / P>

· constitute the body of important material;

· provide heat;

· maintaining brain function must be energy;

· regulate fat metabolism ;

· provide dietary fiber;..

· regulate food flavor

It can be seen, the role of the staple food in the diet can not be ignored < / P>

intake should degrees

Note: When excessive dietary carbohydrates, it will be converted into fat stored in the body, causing various diseases latest medical. Studies have shown that carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels are too rich and insulin surge, causing obesity, diabetes and heart disease and even lead.

response, the British Food Standards Agency recommends that staple meals should be accounted for one-third One and cooking staple, not too greasy People need cereal every day takes about 400 grams of food, cereal foods contain carbohydrates accounted for about 60% of daily energy, in addition to fat accounted for about 25%, protein about 15%.

Rather, people should supplement daily meal grain foods, 30% of the morning, in the evening of 30%, at noon you can add a little more, about 40%.

Choose healthy staple food

Chinese people have been to cereals as the main source of nutrition, but with the improvement of living standards, the humble cereal gradually fade out of sight. Actually, cereals are the most suitable for the modern ideal family nutritious meals each age population.

grains rich in carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins, but also provide a certain amount of inorganic salts. cereals low in fat, about 2% or so Different grains each have different nutritional characteristics, relative to other carbohydrates, grains contain low fat, low cholesterol, sustained release of energy and other characteristics.

common cereals, including barley, corn, oats, rice, wheat and other people in the meal to these foods or food ingredients containing these food-eating, nutrition obtain more fully the structure will be more rational

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