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What women more to keep fit
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According to the U.S. "Dietetic Association magazine,botanical slimming gel pills reviews," the latest report, womens diet whether they have been able to maintain a slim fit body is essential that women who regularly eat fruits and vegetables than meat-based women are more likely free circumstances were overweight or obese troubled.

More than 700 women researchers will all meet health standards in terms of body weight were investigated,botanical slimming gel pills reviews, 145 kinds of food they eat has been tracking record The results found that the likelihood that women with low-fat foods, including vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals, fish, lean meat and beans as the main energy source in 12 years after being overweight minimum.

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On the contrary, those who like to eat sweets and meat, drink high-sugar beverages women are overweight are most likely to gain weight until the truth is, in the more than 700 women were up to 40 percent of people because intake Too much sugar and fat in 12 years had to lose weight after a big headache.

The researchers also noted that attention to eat more vegetables and fruits tend to be more women know how to improve their own eating habits and increased physical activity, these three together makes them generally able to prevent obesity. contrary to meat-based to a middle-aged woman after most difficult to suppress the demand for high-fat foods,botanical slimming gel pills reviews, their body to burn fat The slowed significantly, so fat and overweight become inevitable

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