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South Korean popular diet to lose weight eating these 5 colors easily thin

recently in South Koreas most popular weight loss methods do you know what that is? Korean sister paper you look tall slim figure Is not happiness? their envy, but to learn from this thin girl Gaolibangzi road Oh! original ah, most recently in South Korea swept the most unusual color slimming wind. every color should eat it? Of course not! colorful ingredients in the community, as long as you eat on the five colors, you can easily develop a Thin Man physique, easy to defend your good stature oh

a foods 5 colors

red -! promoting metabolism, burn body fat fast

red food. can promote metabolism,botanical slimming soft gel strong version, so that the fat in the food contains direct combustion. Meanwhile, the accumulation of fat in the body can easily burn, ie, can create "fat is not easy, but also easy to lose weight," the shape, lose weight indispensable; also can promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, given the vitality of cells, for improving the symptoms of cold hands and anti-aging effect is obvious

behalf food: spicy cabbage, chili powder, chili bibimbap. . sauce, red pepper, miso sauce,botanical slimming soft gel strong version, tomatoes, red bell pepper, paprika,botanical slimming soft gel strong version, carrots, etc.

green - the accumulation of waste discharge, purify the body to make it clean and fresh

green food purifying power is high. rid the body of accumulated waste and toxins, it is also able to supplement vitamins and minerals to stimulate the body of the original impetus for the digestion, absorption, regularity of discharge. to improve the rate of weight loss is very effective, but also possesses anti-aging effect

behalf food: potherb mustard, lettuce Chu, cabbage, shellfish dishes, leeks, watercress,botanical slimming soft gel strong version, spinach, Komatsu vegetables, parsley, garland chrysanthemum, bell pepper and all green vegetables, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions and other .2013 years hottest most quick weight loss coup recommend >>>>>

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