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11 easy fat alert period to allow fat to become impossible

1. fetus to 5 years old

life of this period is the most productive period of growth, if this pregnant woman or child nutrition, it will stay hidden for future obesity, especially the first fetus 30 weeks began to birth a year are obese most active proliferating cells, due to an increase in the number of fat cells will retain for life rather than decrease in later years, especially in the heat once the excessive accumulation of these fat cells will be very Studies have shown that obesity increases faster: children under 5 years of age,meizitang botanical slimming side effects, if obesity, a risk factor for heart disease will increase so the "baby fat more is better" is unscientific

2.. Adolescence

girls 12-19 years old, 13-20 year old boys will enter puberty, the body amazing changes occur organs mature and under normal growth during this period, the average weight gain of about a year can 5 kg,meizitang botanical slimming side effects, but this time also the most prone to obesity reportedly :10-13-year-old children to 31 years old who are overweight and 88% of women and 86% of men will continue to be overweight. adolescent obesity, more than 50% of the adult various diseases due to obesity will lead to death.

3,meizitang botanical slimming side effects.50-65 year-old middle-aged

During this period, less physical activity, if you still continue to maintain strong appetite adolescence, will inevitably lead to excess calories into fat deposition in vivo specific professions such as athletes, pilots, once middle-aged laborers to leave their jobs, reduced physical activity and food intake diminished,meizitang botanical slimming side effects, then soon Obesity Articles from - http..: / /