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Fitness weight loss should not be ignored Five Myths

Order to make you into a healthy, safe and enjoyable fitness of the road, pointed out the following five errors exist in the process of fitness

treadmill - Small pressure on the knee

Some people think that exercising on a treadmill exercise less pressure on the knee than on the asphalt pavement and sidewalks clinical medicine specialist at New York University Medical Center, American Todd said:. "the weight of the pressure on the joints of the body will form a pressure whether you where running, this pressure is the same. "

best way to relieve pressure on the knees is to change the form of exercise, if the running and other cardio combined, as in the elliptical machine or exercise bike exercise, the impact on the knee will be reduced, sports life will grow

swim - The best way to lose weight

swimming can increase lung capacity, muscle shape symmetry, can even reduce stress, but experts say that unless all swim for several hours a day, otherwise it does not help you lose much weight.

water buoyancy to support the role of the body, exercisers do not need to pay . too much power and, out of the water who are hungry,botanical slimming iced tea darrell scott, fitness, weight loss diet plan is very difficult to adhere to the original formulation

Yoga -. alleviate all back pain

< P> Yoga helps to relieve back pain, but not for all types of pain have effect if the back pain is associated with muscle, yoga stretching movements, and some gestures can be helpful. It also enables the core muscles stronger, thus reducing back pain.

but if it is due to the back pain caused by lumbar disc herniation, yoga has no effect,botanical slimming iced tea darrell scott, and even make you feel better Pain If your back pain before starting to exercise sure to consult your doctor

not sweat -. no burn calories

make every effort not to sweat indicators of exercise, its just their way of cooling the body in the case do not sweat, but also can burn a lot of calories number,botanical slimming iced tea darrell scott, a brisk walk or some relatively light strength training can achieve this effect.

< P> feels good - it will not exercise excessively

This is a mistake people often make the process of fitness, exercise undue consequences will emerge after some time, was imperceptible When

did not participate in the exercise period of time and then re-exercise, avoid vexation quickly restored to its original level of training, even if did not feel uncomfortable, but it will cause incalculable serious consequences, so you can not even participate in this sport

(internship Editor: He Lili),botanical slimming iced tea darrell scott.

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