Diet required course credits pocketed your weight

Diet required course credits pocketed your weight loss slimming

dieters psychological and emotional stable or not is often the key to success of the diet. many obese people to actively participate in the initial embarrassment to lose weight, but not always good results but eventually gave up, and even low self-esteem, not to make any effort to lose weight, so dieters requires good conditioning your mental and emotional well playing the "battle lasting" psychological preparation

to make their perseverance always there before planning the "psychological weight" may wish to do so:.

from start to lose weight, you can use a fixed time every half way fixed weigh every little progress will motivate you to continue to make you feel tasted the sweetness of habit. emotional stability, you can put happily stick to a weight loss program.

not to lose weight it is seen as a thing to be bound, the more they want to be reminded of constraints delicious food and diet bitter hardships. should think of eating just to lose weight control need to think more about the joy of success after weight loss. Moreover, effective weight loss has never seen myself to relax, good habits must be maintained for life, to consolidate the results of weight loss, fight for a better future.

< P> Lesson Six combat training programs

1, aversion training .................. his bloated body fat literally drawn so that they are feel uncomfortable, and even some disgust, and then paste in place who can eat the food, so whenever you can not help but want to eat something, it would be timely to remind ourselves and stop this dangerous behavior.

2, eating speed training ............ This is not simply allow you to control the number of eating, but each time to eat anything, you imagine that this is a delicious meal, although there may not be palatable, Then when eating slowly taste, told myself to eat in the middle of the taste, so naturally slow down the speed of eating, and you also do not have to endure the pain caused by hunger.

3, the use of self- Incentive Act ......... is conducted to encourage dieters to refuel. course to set up their own prizes can be varied quickly when you get the first prize, the next set themselves very quickly and because they want without too tough efforts will be able to do something, but do not be food, things are not going to be a difficult to obtain.

4, leveraging the power .................. so-called "leveraging the power "With someone that effective weight-loss effects of perseverance to motivate yourself, or eating more with family or friends, so that they can timely reminder of your food intake and timely encouragement when youre desperate you so slimming actions in the end.

5, imagine yourself method ..................... fantasy when obesity, there has been a lot of physical illness, had dragged the heavy bloated body to the hospital every day; imagine too greasy pile of manure held the oil is so disgusting; imagine every time I see like clothing have had masked away ...... so long training, you will find weight loss is so easy

6, ...... transfer method. ............... establish a "pleasure hormone" slim consciousness, because usually "eat" is the principal cause of obesity, because "eat" satisfy their appetites, you can let the mood relaxed and happy, so if you change a happy way, such as When the appetite to go out and entertainment, to play, watch movies or chew some low-calorie foods such as such as olives, carrots or chewing gum,3X Slimming Power, loss transfer faster, the better the effect of diet, of course, the result will be better to lose weight .

Lesson oral Record

interviewee: Ai Mei Age: 24 years old Height: 1.56 m


weight loss: after 50 kg weight loss: 45 kg

major coup: fear so action

Ai Mei though not tall, but 50 kg of body weight for her would not give a very bloated feeling but Ai. Rose is nothing required for perfect people, so their body requirements are very demanding, when other girls wear skirts to her intolerable summer while they looked very elegant stuffed only that, but also very afraid of Ai Mei obesity, obesity is not only people she thought no beauty, but also brings a psychological burden.

Ai Mei weight loss is very serious, but not anxious, she thought, as long as adjust their diet and patterns of life, and long stick, it will be successful. Ai Mei first do is diet. eating habits made adjustments, Ai Mei began swimming for at least a week to ensure that travel five days, swim 800 meters per day. speaking very simple, but the action is a huge test of will. entered the winter, fewer and fewer people swimming, Ai Mei began to retreat, but the thought of the summer make themselves fat little belly so many nice clothes in fail to reflect the beauty of his body, will be forced to pick up the Ai Mei Yong Ju. way, regardless of snow or wind,Pai You Guo, Yimei Jian held over the winter to swim, run roughly calculate should have more than 100,000 meters.

into the spring, Ai Mei felt nothing changes, but once in the encounter pool let her confidence. Ai Mei Gang started swimming when it was recognized a "tour", for the "Friends Tour" throughout the winter did not appear in the pool,Lida Daidaihua, it is now a surprise to see Ai Mei Mei told Ai, Ai Mei "middle section" of the fat is gone.

through a whole winters insistence, perseverance and the will to think Ai Mei weight loss process is the most important part

interviewee: Fang Fang Age: 28 years old Height: 1.61 m

lose weight before: after 63.5 kg weight loss: 56 kg

major coup: Psychotherapy rectify bad habits fattening

Fangfang impression is confident she told reporters that he had never felt fat, on the contrary. feel that their health than those skinny girl. even lose weight, but also for health considerations, because of her work in the form of unfettered let her eat snacks develop a bad habit, once weight gain, it will bring about many diseases Therefore, she was determined to find a non-medication, healthy way to lose weight without dieting.

Fangfang from resolved to lose weight from the moment, immediately threw himself into the "battle" in her for himself developed a diet plan: Try to eat more vegetables, eat staple food but also the original 2/3 of her favorable conditions, the studio often have four or five friends to dinner together, so many supervisors, a little one to forget, as soon as someone. reminders. Moreover, you can also threaten her reminder please eat the fruit. way, originally thought the pain in losing weight in friends remind each other in the smooth implementation, in order to motivate yourself to stick to it, Fang Fang will prepare snacks for each deposit money into the piggy bank. Fangfang is a person who does not like to weigh, but when she occasionally weighed after the implementation of the "mental exercise to lose weight" program for six months, unexpectedly found himself lost ten kilograms less than the original. leaving Fang Fang surprise is that in the piggy bank now has more than 1,000 yuan in cash the

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