User blew 20 kg weight loss program

User blew 20 kg weight loss program

Lead: I follow this method reduced from the original 138 pounds 95 pounds selected time insisted six months six months there have been a plateau and a slight rebound, I stick to it until late today results, this time I did not use any drugs, nor Festival overeating, although the process back hard, but I want to lose weight as long as they have confidence, and not difficult.

1, food with meat and vegetables

I do not have to lose weight do not eat meat, so I do not eat meat, I have insisted on not down, but I have great attention to every meal mix of meat and vegetables, try to eat more vegetables, in general, I was taking five fruits and vegetables 3 2 parts rice, meat parts. meal eating a bowl, not to eat more.

2, refused to snack on junk food

Hamburg snack noodles I did not come across during weight loss If you really want to eat, Ill go to the supermarket to buy some fresh fruit, juice or salad beaten at home, increasing the fun of food.

3, if conditional, swimming is great exercise

but to adhere to the soothing manner swim 1000 meters, and do not break, and one week tour on three of five; Ballet helpful for body posture is not recommended aerobics, aerobics too intense, It is often uncontrollable appetite after the jump, and prone to injury. still boils down to the best way to walk, you can stick every day, and most economical, but also easy to be injured.

4, about the way sports supplement

fat people tend to make excuses for myself, but also do not have time, they are too tired to insist that they are not venues, to believe in yourself, you are smart, but also lovely to overcome these difficulty is not difficult, do not ride to work, walk to; immediate action while working together on something, do not always have to wait for the psychological, seize every opportunity to make their tiny moving; rest have laws, do not go to bed in a non- time in bed. look for a job to do, find books to read, do not stay in bed, sleep fat people are always especially good (this especially makes me envious, Im old insomnia).

5, do not diet pills

the saying goes, is a three-drug Moreover, it is effective for weight loss drugs are not allowed, there are many ways to replace the drugs, such as doing slimming food, slimming own DIY vegetable juices, both enjoy delicious, but also experience a hands-on fun in your labors of these, it is also doing exercise to lose weight too.

6, bid farewell to a lazy bone

and comparing fat lazy , to make their move as much as possible, but do not select strenuous exercise, strenuous exercise too difficult to sustain,can i buy meizitang strong version, and consume too much because you can not control the desire to eat a big meal, and often the desire to win. again to their move when you will resist this movement. soothing and long-lasting exercise can protect the body from injury, and really effective weight loss is recommended walking, swimming, ballet.

7, perseverance, to There are mentally prepared to fight a protracted war

Do not be quick success, the thin fast way to multi Regardless, often rebound quickly, you should tell yourself starting from the time you go to make your own real life on a healthy track, but not Yipushihan.

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