Users to share her tips to lose 20 pounds

Users to share her tips to lose 20 pounds

a MM as a surprise to her boyfriend, is trying to lose weight, 20 pounds of lean desire is not soon be able to reach it? Let us look at her weight loss program.

"Autumn Late Night Star "weight loss journey README

from junior high school and now I belong to the ranks of fat people, mapping the deepest freshman admission examination, and I was with a girl and I like tall, but she only 52 kg, but I was actually 68 kg!

Later, Ill fall in love, a woman makes herself a tolerance thing! occasionally to control what I did, and stayed for two weeks in the summer of freshman Hospitals, weight dropped to 120 pounds! Although disease thin, but still very happy.

until now, no change in body weight, but recently, I especially want to lose weight suddenly, target of 100 pounds, would like to ! some more beautiful marriage, wanted to surprise her boyfriend in a foreign land

ever tried to lose weight:

trial two days of "21 days diet", but Due to health reasons I did not hold on, had to give up.

Next, still under the previous plan Eat more exercise continue to lose weight, but also a few days to adjust the diet with milk apple diet.

< p> Magic soft body movement

today tired ah,7 Days Herbal Slim! yesterday did 40 minutes exercise (sports preferably more than 40 minutes oh) force yourself to get up to do a soft body movement today!

I was one of those people who is very thick thighs, so the focus of weight loss is to reduce leg meat, so I think it feasible to find some way to trial.

seven tips, weight loss really works < / p>

Tip one: .. Its a bit like a catwalk model walking the catwalk, the pace of walking in a straight line, but do not deliberately go and should go so very fast, not consciously go into a straight line JMS Remember to be able to go more and more brisk fast! 20 minutes every day so OK! go in about five minutes or so you will feel very acid thigh, but must adhere to ah!

someone with this Ways to go more than 20 days, with little control over what dinner, thigh reduction of 6cm This method is designed for thigh effective than running

Tip 2:!! Massage four spoonfuls of salt + spoon honey mixed painted in the legs, then wrapped in plastic wrap, useful, not only many Roujin leg skin moist.

you can choose to make a fiddle at home, for the leg lines not very satisfied with you, to share unique Cheats stovepipe bar

Tip three: the most simple stovepipe approach is to force both knees and tight, slightly under pressure, so fast do five Six will not need to hold your breath attention to do this action

Tip four:!. lying on the ground, put his hands on the side of the body, the legs straight and tight, feet interactive sports instep 20-30 times, then take a break, and then repeated twice this action is very effective for beautification leg curve

five tips: find Zhang sit up straight back chair, one leg up lift, blanket the sky, and hands on knees flat on the thigh, although tired to do it, but in order to be able to wear miniskirts, Zaikuzailei must adhere

Tip six: Sitting chair, chest, keeping legs crossed, toes touch the ground position, press down hard legs above, the following legs hard up top, about 10 seconds to do the same after the swap legs 10 seconds 2-3 times . to do this action without breath

seven tips: This is a ballet dancers movements often do, one leg jumping forward 90 degrees, feet pointed, then slowly go lateral movement of each leg 20 times insist on doing this action can stovepipe, but also well-proportioned body

Note: obesity leg muscles do not sport the first time dieting, etc. Floss point in the campaign. As long as we will certainly have the effect, JM cheer ah!